• Our Value added services ranges from fabric research, trend forecasting, product development,
    competitive sourcing with our network, merchandising, quality control and compliance.
  • We have a strong presence and built our extensive local manufacturing bases in Bangladesh.
  • As a textile sourcing company, we establish and maintain a family attitude with our clients. We
    regard every new business as a long-lasting relationship. Much of our success can be attributed
    to this attitude. As a client of us, from day one, you will receive the personalized service and
    attention you deserve. You will have a dedicated team to work solely on your account. Your team
    attention will be concentrated on timely delivery of the highest quality, final product at a
    competitive price.
  • Our competence to source at any price point and requested retail margin is supported by:
  • Allocating production to a respective factory, according to production space availability.
  • Identification of most competitive factories in each product category.
  • Using vertical vendors and reduction of unnecessary costs in the Supply chain.
  • Strong sourcing of raw materials.