Deliver excellence in apparel order management maintaining high standard of quality, safety and compliance benchmark.


Our Team strives to achieve following accomplishment to serve our client and stakeholders

  • Achieve synergy by acting as hub between foreign clients and downstream supply chain elements /
    manufacturers and local and international suppliers and carriers.
  • Create win – win environment for clients and all players involved in apparel order management by
    optimizing supply chain efficiency and cost minimization while maintaining high standard of quality
    and safety.
  • Develop and integrate high velocity manufacturer, fabric / accessories supplier and carrier to ensure
    quality finished good and on time delivery
  • Continuously coordinate and facilitate clients, manufacturer and suppliers are on one screen to
    monitor, supervise and control supply, production, inspection and on time quality product delivery
  • Ensure compliance, safety and respect to labour laws to raise business ethical standard and customer
  • Be Pro Active in Contingency Management